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New single: “Your breath”, emotional lyrics and dark timbre

Press Release – PARIS, IDF, FRANCE, October 12, 2013. French singer-songwriter Céline Schmink, with her emotional lyrics and youthfull and dark timbre, will officially release her new single, “Your breath”, on December 2, 2013.

For Your Breath Céline Schmink has written unique lyrics in English on an unforgettable blues melody filled with emotion. The guitar and pedal steel, played by Studio Pros ‘ musicians (Los Angeles), add a smoky harmony to Schmink’s dark melody, while vintage mix is provided by rock parisian musician Emilie Credaro.

Céline Schmink was born and raised in Paris, France, and has called Champagne area her home for the last years. She grew up listening singers as Ramones, Robert Smith, Daniel Darc and also Johnny Cash and Chris Isaak. She has been playing piano and singing from the age of nine, and writing for many french singers. She actively pursues a career in the music. Her debut album “La ballade d’Anissa” (electro pop) has been launched in France, Australia and USA, last year, and got very positive press reviews.

Over the past year, Céline’s been in the studio collaborating with some big names in the french business but also worked with Los Angeles based studios. Céline has adopted a unique phrasing, combined with her very emotional vocal type. Her voice is recognizable, instantly, in a low register. She has developed her proper technique.

“The song Your breath is about regrets that may haunt you through your hole life and touch all your relationships ever since” Céline Schmink said. “It’s very meaningful to me,” she explained. “It’s really huge listening to my music playing with pedal steel in a blues/country style! It’s an inspirational song as well… A negative story that finally gives you a new breath. This is the story, it’s all about rebirth and breath. We recorded the song the most authentic way possible: in only one take. It was a great experience, a great travel for us I think!” Céline Schmink “Your breath” available on iTunes and all digital music outlets on December 2, 2013.

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