The official website of Céline Schmink


2000-2009 : Career beginnings

Céline Schmink (born may 28, 1975) is a french singer, songwriter, author and choreographer. While writing and producing her own music, she writes for many other artists. For a long time she was best known for her books, and ballads written for other singers.

2009-2012 : La ballade d’Anissa

Her first own single “Alexandre”, a song about Montmartre cabarets, was featured on her debut album “La ballade d’Anissa”. It has been described by some music critics as “atmospherical electro pop” and “emotional music”. 3 singles (La ballade d’Anissa, Vivement l’été, Alexandre) have been launched in France, Greece, Australia and USA. Céline Schmink writes her lyrics and melodies herself.

Céline’s music has been featured in some films. She has collaborated with many known talented producers and artists (especially in dance) through Europe and the US.

2012-2014 : Paris-Memphis

She has continued to find much more success with others albums working with californian studio Studio PROS and french production 7Em Records. Her single “Miss Molly” (guitar/voice), a song about Road 66, recorded in Paris, sounds much more rock and blues and already gets very good press releases.

Céline Schmink celebrate 24 years of an artistic career. Time for her to turn to the USA. New musicians and new staff helped her to produce her latest album “Paris-Memphis”! It has been launched on June 14 in such a mythical place : the Polly Maggoo music club! Paris-Memphis LP shows how individual Celine is, very regardless of her influences. In Paris-Memphis, you’ll find bluesy compositions, retro rock songs, pop-folk ballads, nostalgic and haunting, bass and emotional unique voiceprint … When listening to Paris-Memphis, you are struck by the craving for a solitary journey along the legendary Route 66…

2014-2015 : Lil’wild ones and the “Paris-Memphis Cosy Tour”

Céline Schmink is actually performing in many music and cosy places for her solo tour “The Paris-Memphis Cosy Tour”. During her One woman’s show, she is alone with one autoharp. She came back to her first influences creating a minimalistic folk with simple lyrics in english and poetic ones in french. her new album live “Lil’wild ones : One french voice. One autoharp. Live improv session” is available on Itunes and Amazon. It is set to be launched in Japan in March 2015.



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