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La ballade d’Anissa” now available to all international markets

Céline Schmink’s debut album, “La ballade d’Anissa”, was mixed and produced in Champagne (France). “La ballade d’Anissa” is available on Itunes and all international markets. Many press critics talk about eloquence of Céline Schmink’s lyrics and the acoustic beauty of her music arrangements. They also notice an “emotional and different voice”. Speaking of “La ballade d’Anissa”, many artists and singers as Diego Baeza, Vassilis Babaniaris (greek rockstar) and others said “The songs are a journey in vintage Paris and French cabarets”. Three songs (“La ballade d’Anissa”, “Alexandre”, “Vivement l’été”) have gained good reviews in Europe and Australia. The song “Vivement l’été” has been featured in the film C412.

Céline Schmink’s new single “Miss Molly”

Paris, France, September, 2013. Singer, Songwriter, Celine Schmink officially releases her new single “Miss Molly” available on iTunes and all digital music outlets. The single is about Road 66.

“I am very excited to work my music with californian musicians” says Céline.

Recently, was officially launched as a place where fans be kept up to date on everything Céline new singles and informations.

Céline Schmink : Independent artist’s new blues song is now available to all international markets as iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Deezer, Simfy and more…

Born and raised in Paris, Céline Schmink began playing the piano at the age of 8 and wrote for many french singers. She writes about love, relationships and travel experiences.

Céline Schmink is an accomplished singer-songwriter, she has written for numerous french singers throughout her teenage and adult life. She has performed at numerous rock festivas and her debut album “La ballade d’Anissa” has been launched throughout the U.S. and internationally. Artists that influenced her at that time were The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Lana Del Rey or french songwriter Daniel Darc. “La ballade d’Anissa” gained considerable attention and mostly positive reviews. Céline Schmink was praised for her very high emotive voice and her original songs. She was also noted for her appearance: vintage dresses and unusual romantic clothing style. “I am so grateful for special people that have come into my work recently to help me here in France but also in Australia and California. For each new song I feel really blessed. I love sharing my music, this is very exciting” she says.

How can you show your support for Céline Schmink?

You can visit her website at and learn more about her talent and her work. You can download her new original single “Miss Molly” on the iTunes store or You can becoming a new fan on Facebook and share Miss Molly’s Youtube link.

About “La ballade d’Anissa” australian launch (may, 2013)

Award winning chef owners of Bistro des Artistes in Perth Western Australia served up more than fine food to 40 guests this week with the launch of Slinky Sleeves’ new winter and spring ranges.  The drop waist dresses, also by Slinky Sleeves Designs, picked up on the Gatsby look fromBaz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby film, which opened the Cannes Film Festival last week and opened in Sydney Australia last night.  Creator of Slinky Sleeves, Christine Silbert, said guests enthusiastically applauded the music videos by Celine Schmink and commented how perfect they were for the Launch Parade.  CD’s are being distributed to SBS TV, several local radio stations, music press, Alliance Francaise Perth, the French Consul’s office and L’Occitane.

“Working with Celine and sharing our launches has been very exciting.  To link Paris and Perth, original music and fashion, and the French – Australian relationship has added another dimension to what we are both doing,” said Christine. Beautiful in pink – models, the divas of DivaLicious and magical fairies lit up the runway for the finale to herald the announcement of Christine’s Be Armed with Style fundraising project for National Breast Cancer Foundation, in support of the 1 in 5 women survivors of breast cancer who suffer lymphoedema for the rest of their lives.  “Stylish Slinky Sleeves cover compression sleeves and bandages, helping these ladies to look better and feel better about themselves,” said Christine. “I am inviting prominent women to decorate a pair of sleeves which will go up on my NBCF fundraising page so people can ‘bid’ for them through September.  I thought this was an ideal way to help research into the prevention of cancer, which in turn will prevent many cases of lymphoedema.”

Press Release – PARIS, IDF, FRANCE, October 12, 2013. French singer-songwriter Céline Schmink, with her emotional lyrics and youthfull and dark timbre, will officially release her new single, “Your breath”, on December 2, 2013.

For Your Breath Céline Schmink has writtenunique lyrics in English on an unforgettable blues melody filled with emotion. The guitar and pedal steel, played by Studio Pros ‘ musicians (Los Angeles), add a smoky harmony to Schmink’s dark melody, while vintage mix is provided by rock parisian musician Emilie Credaro.

Céline Schmink was born and raised in Paris, France, and has called Champagne area her home for the last years. She grew up listening singers as Ramones, Robert Smith, Daniel Darc and also Johnny Cash and Chris Isaak. She has been playing piano and singing from the age of nine, and writing for many french singers. She actively pursues a career in the music. Her debut album “La ballade d’Anissa” (electro pop) has been launched in France, Australia and USA, last year, and got very positive press reviews.

Over the past year, Céline’s been in the studio collaborating with some big names in the french business but also worked with Los Angeles based studios. Céline has adopted a unique phrasing, combined with her very emotional vocal type. Her voice is recognizable, instantly, in a low register. She has developed her proper technique.

“The song Your breath is about regrets that may haunt you through your hole life and touch all your relationships ever since” Céline Schmink said. “It’s very meaningful to me,” she explained. “It’s really huge listening to my music playing with pedal steel in a blues/country style! It’s an inspirational song as well… A negative story that finally gives you a new breath. This is the story, it’s all about rebirth and breath. We recorded the song the most authentic way possible: in only one take. It was a great experience, a great travel for us I think!” Céline Schmink “Your breath” available on iTunes and all digital music outlets on December 2, 2013.

New LP : “Paris-Memphis”

The french singer and songwriter Céline Schmink releases her new LP, “Paris-Memphis” This LP is comprised of 13 classic tracks for a total playing time of nearly 50 minuts. It’s a tribute to road trip and american bluesy music.
The album is partly folk and partly indie rock with a bluesy attitude and a very “Chris Isaak” soul. The album is humble but ambitious. Céline Schmink’s “Paris-Memphis” addresses itself to fans of romantic bluesy ballads and South music including two timeless classic folksongs she plays with the autoharp: “Lil’Liza Jane” and “Aura Lee” popularized by Presley as “Love me tender”. These 13 tracks are sung in Schmink’s signature: a dark and emotional timbre. While Céline Schmink is an accomplished singer with many singles and tracks to her credit, she remains best known for her romance ballads as “Your breath” or “Les yeux froids” in duet with californian singer Chris’M. Her tracks are original and wholly her own. Her lyrics seem drawn from a travel diary. “I like to perform, to think about my past memories and of course I like trips and roads. Paris-Memphis celebrates the power of music to bring people together and focus on our common humanity” she explains.


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